We love cats!

Cats are loveable and adorable pets and every cat owner can relate to some hilarious episode experienced with their furry friend.

Videos online

You will find lots of videos online, which are quite entertaining, to say the least and will have you dying of laughter.

  • The most classic, funny cat videos will show you felines practicing their jumping skills, some of which go amusingly wrong! We’ve all seen cats falling off curtain rails or hanging on to dear life by the claws of their front paws when climbing up a tree.
  • When they accidentally fall into a bath tub filled with water or a pond, they literally fly out in fear with drenched fur, letting out a farcical ‘miaoww’!
  • Another entertaining video you could find relates to cats’ heads getting stuck in all sorts of cereal boxes, paper bags, tins or any other thing their curious personality gets them to poke their nose in! Curiosity killed the cat! This is true to cats wanting to know what something strange-looking really is. Mind you! To us humans these would be everyday things we have around the house, such as cucumbers and banana skins. ┬áCheck out a video of cats freaking out when a cucumber is placed next to them! You will have your sides split with laughter!
  • Cats like to get close to humans. Sometimes too close! This can be seen on videos when a kitty sits on a laptop totally covering the screen or keyboard for that matter; sitting on someone’s lap whilst the person is reading a book, covering both the book and the person’s face with their cuddly body. What could be said of the ‘butt hug’?! This is when the cat literally shoves its rear end, tail-up, to a person’s face as a sign of affection! Not the kind of affection I like anyway!
  • My all time favourite furry cat video would have to be cats playing dead when they feel threatened by the presence of a dog or another cat seemingly more dominant. The cat freezes in a dead-like position with its ears pulled back, tail between legs and puts on a startled face, which makes them seem they got an electric shock!

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