The Amusing World of Memes

Hilarious memes make your day to the better –that’s for granted! There are memes dedicated to a wide range of audience and age-groups that travel across the world. Examples vary from funny, political, and scientific to philosophical memes.

  • Philosoraptor

Philosoraptor is a velociraptor that philosophizes and makes jokes about a wide range of things, for example science, politics as well as other societal things. The green looking philosoraptor poses very funny in the memes; it is touching the chin with its claw, which in turn symbolizes that it is thinking about something very hard.

A pleasant scientific meme from the velociraptor is when it makes a conclusion about Fe, the chemical abbreviation of Iron. It first concludes that Fe is equal to Iron and then draws a conclusion that then a FeMale should be an Ironman. Regarding politics, Philosoraptor made a clever statement regarding the year 2016 that “if 2016 was a person”, “would it be sentenced to life in prison?”.

  • Chemistry Cat

If you like science and chemistry, you should definitely look up memes from the Chemistry Cat. The Chemistry Cat is a white cat that wears glasses and has a slate as well as a desk in the background. On the slate, various formulas are written and on the desk, there are beakers with chemical solutions.

The Chemistry Cat, as well as its cousin Grumpy Cat, has hilarious memes that are more or less difficult. An example of an easier one is “Tell me a potassium joke”, then it responds “K”, which is the chemical symbol of potassium. Another funny meme from the Chemistry Cat is “Do you know any jokes about sodium hypobromite”, then it responds “NaBrO”, which literally means sodium hypobromite.

Memes about Celebrities and Politicians

Internet would not be the same without examples of celebrity and politician memes. An example of a funny celebrity meme is a photoshopped, extremely muscular Jim Carrey in the background. This meme has the text “Gym Carrey”, which is hilarious.

Another delightful meme is about the queen Elisabeth, the queen of United Kingdom. She looks very decisive and serious in the picture. The text in this meme is “Let the hunger games begin”-quote, that is taken from the movie series trilogy The Hunger Games.