Jokes That Make Twitter Tremble

Funny tweets do not only make your mood better, they can also make your day. There are many examples of merry tweets that travel across the world, dedicated to different audiences. One of the best things with 140-character tweet is that you can interpret them in many ways.

Tweets with Unexpected Endings

Tweets with unexpected endings are hilarious. You can get very surprised of these unexpected endings and then, as a consequence, laugh a lot. For example, @TheToddWilliams wrote a tweet, which is supposed to be set in a grocery produce aisle, about himself, a clerk and a carrot. Firstly, the “me” person asked “Hi, are these genetically modified carrots?”. Then, the clerk answered and asked “No, why do you ask”. Unexpectedly, the carrot itself responded “Yeah, why do you ask?” @ToiletMike wrote another tweet with an unexpected ending by asking whether it was fleek or on fleek – just because he wanted to get grandma’s eulogy right.Likewise @KeetPotato wrote a tweet, which included three persons: an accountant, a wife and a husband as “I”. The tweet starts with the accountant stating that the couple is basically broke, to what wife responds that it’s the husband who is spending money on non-sense. Eventually, the husband unexpectedly responds by suggesting to ask if the dog himself thinks his jeans are stupid or not. In similar vein @ITARKAA wrote a funny tweet on family life: “My wife and I decided not to have children. The kids are taking it pretty hard”.

Funny Tweets From 2014-2016

During the years 2014 to 2016, internet and social media even got more widespread, thus the amount of tweets increased immensely. The year of 2016 had plenty of hilarious tweets. Like @elspetheastman, who wrote a truthful but comical tweet about an avocado. The tweet starts with the avocado saying it is “not ripe” three times. Then the avocado shouts “I’M RIPE NOW”, followed by “okay you were in the bathroom so I rotted”. What is funny about this tweet is that it reflects reality so well, namely, that avocados ripe slowly, but they get rotten very fast. The truth might be painful but also comical at times.

The year of 2015 also had plenty of funny tweets. @lil_aracuan wrote a witty tweet with space as the main topic about shooting for the moon because even in case you miss, in any case you would have taken part in the universe’s random meaninglessness. @ladybroseph’s tweet “Many people only graduated high school physically”, is also a hilarious tweet, since it also somewhat has some truth in it.

Yet, according to many people, one of the funniest tweets was from @JanelSantaCruz. She drew a parallel between Batman and a true American by saying that Shoutout to Batman is for being a true American and proving the only superpower you need is money. True or false?