Funny Games Online

Games with humour can make your mood better. You can find games, dedicated to a wide audience and all age-groups, over the World Wide Web. Indeed, there are many categories of games online, for example sports, action, adventure and casino games. An example is Milla’s Casino Blog, which presents different casino games in an interesting as well as detailed way. Another interesting site can be found by clicking here

  • Wonderput – a Great Golf Game

Wonderput is a golf game with a puzzle box design, consisting of everything from herds of sheep, which mow the grass, to tiny ski slopes. Wonderput simply gives you a sense of wonder, where your next hole will show up. You will never find out, if you don’t play.

  • Gold Lab – a Different, But Fun Slot

Normally, most of all slot machines look in the same way with the same colours, design and soundtrack. Yet the slot machine Gold Lab is an interesting exception that breaks the monotony. It is a colourful, fast and fun casino game created by Quickspin and has a crazy scientist jumping around in the interphase, who also spews out money.

Moreover, Gold Lab is about alchemy, which means that the game turns everything into gold. The slot machine has 25 paylines and broad betting options. Thus, you can try Gold Lab with a small amount of money to see how it goes.

  • Frog Fractions – Unpredictable Weirdness

Frog Fractions is a fun video game with surreal humour. The game starts in a scenario where you are a frog, which defends fruits from a great number of hungry bugs, the Zorkmids. You need to protect them by right clicking the mouse; in order to fire out the frog’s tongue and then you’ll earn points for each saved fruit.

This battle is, however, just the start. After a while you can unlock and upgrade functions turning your frog into a dragon. After a while the dragon shoots off into Bugs Mars, the outerspace where the game gets weirder and weirder. The beauty of this game is that it is so unpredictable.

  • Cube Slam – Ping-pong on Steroids

Cube Slam is ping-pong game on steroids in 3D with a great synth pop music on the background reminding you of Kraftwerk. Initially, players are pitted against Bob, a docile looking bear, which is trapped in a giant TV screen. As the levels get harder and harder, more obstacles appear. In this game, you can also play against real people instead of Bob the Bear.